History of Yukimi Kambe

Concert Activities (not affiliated with Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort)

Recitals: (places are Tokyo if not indicated): With Keiko Kuruhara, Kitakyushu, 1993, Yoshio Watanabe, 1985, Masaaki Suzuki, 1979, Michio Kobayashi, 1977, Walter Knape, Cuxhaven, 1976, Christiane Cappeller, Hamburg, 1975, Jose Rada, Hamburg, 1975, Motoko Nabeshima, Yokohama, 1975, Harald Vogel and Toshinari Ohashi, 1974, duo recitals with Masako Hirao, 1982, and solo recital without accompaniment 1982
Concerts: more than 1000 concerts mainly in Japan, Switzerland, Germany and Korea
Charity concerts: Ai no Concert for H.I.H Prince Tomohito of Mikasa with Itsuro Tada, Mitsugu Yamada and Sadako Mine, Tokyo, 1976
Festivals: Kusatsu Summer International Music Festival, 1997, Tsukuba International Music Festival, 1990 and First Early Music Festival, 1986
At Museum: Ohara Museum of Art , Kurashiki, 1993 and Suntory Museum, 1985
Group activities: Meiji Gakuin Bach Academie: Member under Ryuichi Higuchi, 1999 – present, Tsukuba Koten Choir: Concertmistress with violin under Masaru Suzuki, 1998 – present Bach Collegium (after, Collegium Originale): 1982 – 1999 more than 90 concerts with baroque violin and viola da gamba for sacred music such as J.S. Bach’s passions, including three European concert tours Pro Musicus Kanagawa: 275 concerts for music of Renaissance and Baroque era in Kanagawa Prefecture 1976 – 1999
Appearances on TV and radio: NHK-TV, NHK-FM, NHK-ETV, Radio Bremen, TBS TV, Nihon TV, TV Asahi, Yokohama Cable TV
Lectures: at universities and open colleges by educational committee of prefectures and cities in Japan. In USA, she was invited to University of California, Berkeley, UW, Milwaukee, UNC, Chapel Hill, UNC, Cullowhee, UH Mānoa, Honolulu; to local societies: MusicSources, CA, Early Music Guild, Seattle, WA. She gave summer courses in Japan including six for the Viola da Gamba Society of Japan, and for the Viola da Gamba Society of America at Seattle-Tacoma, 2002, 2004, 2007, Portland, 2000 and Los Angeles, 1988
Jury: Competitions for early music players in Yamanashi, 2002, for composers for viols in Tokyo, 1986 and 1984 and in Portland, USA, 2000


“Yearning for Autumn”, 2001, Chamber Music from Japan by David Loeb CD VMM 2035, Ganya, Mayumi Miyata, sho
“Imagined Landscapes”, 2000, David Loeb Solo String Compositions CD VMM 2033, Utagumi (incl. Jiuta solo for Viol)
“Echo From Bronze Bells”, 1998, Music by David Loeb CD VMM 2029, Suizan Sakai, shakuhachi
“Organ in Japan”, 1979, LP Kikuchi Music Labo, Masaaki Suzuki, organ
“La Pellegrina”, 1973, “Dives Malus” 1974, LPs Electrola (as a member of H-M Linde Consort)

With Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort: See CDs



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Main Articles in Japanese:

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Article in English:
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Music Publishing:

* Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort Music by Academia Music Ltd., Tokyo, since 2003 This music series is published to be played by many viol players, not only by professionals but also by amateurs. Works in this continuing series are selected by the Yukimi Kambe Viol Consort and their audiences. For details, see Printed Music & Books
* Handbook for composing for Viola da Gamba, Kawasaki, 1984 (Japanese), 1988 (English) See Printed Music & Books


* “On the Performance with Original Instruments” / “Über die Aufführung unter Anwendung Originaler Instrumente” in the program pamphlet, 4th European Concert Tour of Japan Oratorio Association (29 April – 13 May), 1985.

Premiere performances

World Premiere performances, listed by composer (Place are Tokyo if not indicated)
For viol consort music, see Premiere performances in the Electronic Press Kit (PDF file)
Takayoshi Aoki: Drift for viol solo, 1982
Yutaka Fujiwara: Lament (1985) – Sending to the far sadness from KRACOW – for viol solo
Masanobu Kimura: Air Varie, Fantasie No. 3 for Traverso, Viola da Gamba und Cembalo op. 116 with Keiji Katsumata and Kimiaki Zakoji, 1986
David Loeb: Ganya for Sho and viol, with Mayumi Miyata, 2000, Utagumifor viol solo, 1982, Echoes from Bronze Bells for Shakuhachi and viol, with Kifu Mitsuhashi, 1982, Tre Romanze for two viols, with Masako Hirao, 1981, Tammu for Organ and viol, with Tomoko Akatsu, 1977, Duo Concertante Shigeharu Yamaoka, Zurich, 1975 with Kodo Uesugi, Tokyo, 1978, Jiuta for viol solo, Tokyo and Basel, 1974
Tsutomu Mizuno: Kusazukiyo no Kotoba for viol solo, 2003, Kusazukiyo no kotoba, kappa and Nekofunjatta for reciter and viol, with Keiko Hanagata and Daisaku Shinohara, 1986, From abyss of death – at the garden – for soprano, Cembalo and viol, with Minako Futori and Akiko Sakikawa, 1983
Sakuzo Sendo: Ah-un with Masako Hirao, 1982
Kimiaki Zakouji: Suite for traverso, Viola da Gamba und Cembalo, with Keiji Katsumata and the composer, 1986