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どっぷりバッハ Ja, doch BACH mit GambenconsortJa, doch BACH mit Gambenconsort
YKVC0503 2500 yen(+tax)
Works of Johann Sebastian BACH by viol consort. Trying to break the boarder of theart and expression of the viol consort, we follow the charm of the Bach’s work.
Toccata E-moll BWV914, Sinfonia, Contrapunctus from Art of Fuge, In Dulci Jubilo, Nun komm’ der Heiden Heiland, Praeludium from The Well-Tempered Clavier, An Wasserfluessen Babylon, Aria from Pastorale BWV590, Ricercare a 6 from A Musical Offering, Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Players: Yukimi Kambe, Eriko Ozawa, Ichiko Tsubota, Maki Noguchi, Kaori Hashizume, Shigeru Sakurai (supporting member)
Design: Yuko Ishioroshi

Buffet delle Quattro Viole da GambaBuffet delle Quattro Viole da Gamba
YKVC0201 2300 yen(+tax)
Including our favorite pieces from both early and contemporary sources.
A. Holborne, H. Purcell, O. Gibbons, J.S. Bach, Yoko Sato: Sang Hwa, Tsutomu Mizuno: Catlz, Lively Gambists – win or lose-, Ryohei Hirose: Suite for Noble Cats etc.
Players: Yukimi Kambe, Eriko Ozawa, Maki Noguchi, Kaori Hashizume, Shigeru Sakurai (supporting member)

Design: Yuko Ishioroshi

花鳥猫風月 Foglia d'olivo, 水野勉作品集Foglia d’olivo, works for viols by Tsutomu Mizuno
YKVC0302 2500 yen(+tax)
A world premiere ! Viol works by a single contemporary composer.
A new accessible viol sound to satisfy the twentieth-first-century sensitivity. You will hear Noah’s dove who tells you that a new green land has been found in the flood of contemporary music.
Contents: Kachou-fugetsu (Flowers, birds, winds, moon); Catlz; Red Shoes of May; Lively Gambists; Nostalgia; 5 Spanish Dances; from Kotoba-Asobi-Uta (Word-manipulation Verses); Little Suite; A Cat in Springtime; Kappa (A water imp). These are published in the YKVCM series. (See Printed Music & Books.)
Design: Yuko Ishioroshi

Other Recordings

D.Loeb collections

Echoes from Bronze Bells
Echoes from Bronze Bells VMM2029 Music by David Loeb 2500 yen(+tax)
Including five consort fantasias The Cries of Kyoto, Fantasia “Tohoku”, Cancion Japonesa, Fantasia “Indonesian”, Fantasia “Indian”, and a work for bass viol with shakuhachi (= Japanese bamboo flute) entitled Echoes from Bronze Bells. Also five other compositions. Printed Music: PRB Production, CC041

Imagined LandscapesImagined Landscapes
VMM2033 Music by David Loeb 2500 yen(+tax)
This is a collection of solo string compositions. It contains Utagumi, including the marvelous piece Jiuta which was epoch-making for Yukimi Kambe, inspiring me to develop myself not only for early music but also for contemporary music. Also five other compositions.

Yearning for AutumnYearning for Autumn
VMM2035 Music by David Loeb 2500 yen(+tax)
This is a collection of chamber music from Japan, which includes five- and six-part consort music Japanese Bells Suite, Akikaze Fantasi, a Fantasia “Tsugaru” and a work for bass viol with sho (Japanese mouth organ from the Imperial Court music). Also four other compositions.

Music of the Autumn WindsMusic of the Autumn Winds
VMM2037 Music by David Loeb 2500 yen(+tax)
t contains Gaunkyo for Four Viols with Sho (performed by Mayumi Miyata). Mr. Loeb was inspired by Japanese and Korean traditional music and literature. The other seven pieces were composed for the violin, piano, guitar, koto, shamisen, and voice.

The Silent Waterfall(静寂の滝)The Silent Waterfall
VMM2 625 Music by David Loeb 2500 yen(+tax)

K. Massumoto

Various Variety of TonesVarious Variety of Tones
fontec FOCD2550 Music by Kikuko Massumoto 2500 yen(+tax)
This includes the Rustles in the Ancient Court for four part viola da gamba consort. It deftly combines the sense of the ancient Japanese court “gagaku” sound adapted perfectly to the sound of viols. The source is a live recording of our concert “10th Exhibition of Viol Consort Music” in 1995. Also four other compositions.

A. Keeling

Burning Shed Music by Andrew Keeling £10.00
This includes “Gefunden” for Viol Quartet (treble, 2 tenors, and bass) commissioned by YKVC. This is published in PRB PRODUCTIONS CC048.

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