Studio Teaching by the YKVC Members
* Classes normally are held in Japanese, but the instructors speak English.
ECOLE YOKOHAMA (website is Japanese only)   045-432-4811 
(Monday) Private lessons at all levels.  Groups can take consort lessons.  Instrument consultation is available.  Lessons usually last 40 minutes, and are given three times per month.  Afternoons open. (Instructor: Kambe)
(Thursday) Normally the first and third Thursday of each month.  Private and consort lessons for all ages.  Beginners are welcome.  Instrument consultation is available.  Lessons usually last one hour, and are given twice per month.
 Morning and early afternoons open.  (Instructor: Noguchi)

CASA de la GUITARRA S.A. (website is Japanese only)   03-3952-5515  (Tuesday)
Private lessons for all levels and ages.  Instrumental consultation available.  Lessons are 40 minutes and 42 times per year (3 or 4 per month).  Afternoons and evenings open.
 (Instructors: 10:20-14:00 Ozawa, 15:00- Hashizume, twelve times per year: Kambe)

Ferris University Open College   045-812-8390   (Tuesday)
Consort classes, beginners of all ages welcome.  The university's instruments may be available for student use.  Classes start in April and October, eleven or twelve classes per semester.  Basic technique 9:10-10:40, Consort 10:50-12:20.  (Instructor: Kambe)

Yomiuri NTV Culture Center, Yokohama   045-465-2010   (Wednesday)
All levels and ages.  Instrumental consultation available.  Lessons are normally thirty minutes, consort classes last one hour, ten or eleven times in three months.  Afternoons open.
10:00- 14:00 Hashizume, 14:00- Kambe)

Ikebukuro Community College (website is Japanese only)   03-5949-5488   (1st and 3rd Saturdays)
Consort class.  Beginners who can read music are welcome.  Class becomes private lesson if enrollment is too small.  Instrumental consultation is available.  Class is normally 2 1/2 hours, twice a month. Normally the first and third Saturday of each month. One time attendance is available until September 2008.  (Instructors: Kambe or Ozawa)